Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What I wish I would have known... When I got dressed this morning!

Picking out what your attire for the day can often be a chore. We've all heard the saying "dress for success" but what does that really mean?

It doesn't mean showing up everyday like you're ready to walk down the red carpet, regardless of what you may think, how you present yourself DOES count!

You should always look ready to go because you never know who you will meet.
Don't know what to wear? When in doubt stick to the basics:

Men: When in doubt, go traditional. You can't go wrong with a button-down shirt, polished black shoes, a blue, black or gray jacket, slacks that complement the jacket and a conservative necktie.
Women: The traditional look for women includes a skirt that hits just above the knee, slacks and perhaps pantsuits, simple jewelry, a little makeup and polished flats or moderate heels.

If you are starting a new job it's always better to be over dressed than under dressed. You don't want your new boss to think  you aren't taking your job seriously. Don't let them think you are new to the professional world, even if you are.
Still not convinced?

Students at SUU conducted a social experiment to see if the way you dress effects how others percieve you and interact with you. They concluded that when properly groomed and dressed others were more willing to approach and have a conversation. Individuals they tried to talk to were more friendly and open. On the other hand when dressed in frumpy baggy clothing with an unkept appearence were able to talk to 65% less people who were unfriendly and rushed.
Believe it or not, the way you look truely has an effect on how others perceive and interact with you.

What to wear for an interview?
First off, do a some foot work. Investigate what kind of attire is appropriate for the job.  You can make a phone call to the Human Resource department and ask! Wear what will make you look good, and fit in with the organization (you don't want to over dress or under dress).
Second, you don't need to spend a fortune on professional attire. You just need two sets of professional attire, depending on your financial situation- just be sure to:
  • look clean
  • smell clean (conservative amounts of cologen or perfume) No BO please.
  • trimmed fingernails (no chipped polish)
  • no visible piercings or tattoos 
  • brushed teeth
  • fresh breath
  • no objects in your mouth (gum, candy...etc).
  • Well groomed hair

Dress for success, and try to look your best.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Is your Degree enough?

Thirty years ago when a student graduated with a bachelor's degree, they were guarenteed a job. However there is an increase in students graduating with a degree.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, nearly 39 million Americans over the age of 18 have a bachelor's degree. Considering that 281 million people live in the country, college graduates are still a small percentage of the population.

So here is the scoop.
  1. Your degree is NOT useless!
  2. Degree or not, its the way you present yourself and your experiences.
  3. Don't bury your education beneath your experiences
  4. Connect you job requirements to any course work you have had that is relevant.
  5. Treat your internships and experiences as a Professional, not as a student.

You need to stand out in the Job Market! Here is what you need to do!

Get your Masters Degree (or PhD). Yes, it will take more time and money, but if you read over the course descriptions of the required classes you will be taking, you will find that these courses are more relevant to the job requirements found in the real world.

Internships. Apply for whatever internships are advertised at your school. That could be the step in the door you need to work at that place in the future.

Get a job while you're in school. If you're lucky enough to get a full-time job in your field of study without a degree, make sure you complete your degree at night. It's easy to fall into the trap of being caught up in the job and forgetting about the degree and career path. When a degree is achieved, you will have that experience under your belt already and will have a leg up on the competion.

Monday, July 16, 2012

No red "SOLO" cups.

It's always fun to share posts or photos of last weekends activities on your facebook page. However, what you "share" can affect the possibility of you getting a job. More and more employers are checking social media sites of applicants, but what are they looking for?
Reasons NOT to hire you!
  • bad mouthing other employers
  • drugs
  • alcohol
  • provocative photos
  • poor communication skills
  • discriminatory comments
  • lying

You can learn a lot about a person through social media. Things employers like to see are
  • showing personality
  • professional interest
  • photos that support your professional qualifications
  • a display of a wide range of interests
  • creativity
  • good communication skills

This is the number one way to show red flags. Employers want to know that you are worth hiring.
Remember to keep your social media site clean and professional, but still be you.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Career Fair... the Carnival of Employment

In today's world "it's not what you know, rather who you know". Networking is one of the most important resources in employment. As a college student, it can often be difficult to reach outside of a small town to make connections with businesses and employers. However, this doesn't have to be an issue. One of the most important tips in networking is attending the right events.

Every semester the Career Cafe hosts a Career & Internship Fair. The fair brings employers to campus looking to hire SUU students for jobs and internships.
The Career & Internship Fair will be held in the Hunter Conference Center Ballroom. We encourage you to dress professional and come prepared with materials such as an updated resume.
There will be opportunities to interview with several companies throughout the day.
To see the list of employers interviewing, please login to the "HIREATBIRD" site through your SUU Portal.

We will have new and returning employers, during 9:30am-2:30pm you will have the opprotunity to meet and discuss options available employers who are present.
Even if you aren't looking for a job or internship, we highly recommend you attend to find something that interests you and educate yourself on what you need to do in order to prepare yourself for future possiblities in the field 1, 2, even 5 years from now.

Come prepared and look for future posts of companies who will be attending the fair.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Internship Photo Contest. When You Work, YOU WIN

Are you doing an Internship?
Then this is the contest for YOU! 

Working is Winning.

1. Follow us on twitter @SUUHireatbird and "like"us on Facebook!

2.Fill out the form below with your information and answer the questions.
(Incomplete forms will not be accepted)

3. Then upload your photo(s) with your name, & a short caption to one of our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter) and use the hashtag #SUUPhotoContest

4. Categories:
  • People & Places: photos taken in significant places or with public figures
  • Perks: photos taking part of company or organizations benfits (ie. flyinging in a company jet, or box seats to the Red Sox game).
  • Projects: photos in action, participating in unique projects or events.

5. Submissions must be recieved no later than August 31, 2012 at 5pm MST.

Prizes include:
  • Kindle
  • Apple TV
  • SUU Bookstore Prizes

Winners will also be highlighted in the Sharwan Smith Student Center September 12- September 19

If you have questions send an email to

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Going into a Starbucks or the local Grind Coffee house you might find your average college student sipping on their latte or specialty smoothie, reading a book or surfing the internet. However the Career Cafe is a different scene. Of course you can still have the standard hot chocolate, coffee, tea and treat while you're visit, but here advisors will help you determine your future.

There are a number of assessments and tests that our amazing Career Coach, Brent Jones will administer to help determine what best suits you. From your strengths and interests to personality-type and best career fit, it can be done here.

If you're applying for a job, internship or grad school, you'll probably want to have Megen Ralphs look over your resume! No need to be embarrassed or scared, she has the skills to help you stand out during the application and interview process. Our concern is that YOU get the job, get hired, get into graduate school, get where YOU want to go!

We are here to help you network, make connections with employers and most importantly have a job when you graduate. The Career & Internship Fair this year will be held September 19, 2012 in the Hunter Conference Center Great Hall. Here you'll be able to meet with recruiters from a number of companies, apply, and interview with them. You'll want to dress appropriately and bring in your resume.  Better yet make an appointment ahead of time to have your resume looked at before the career fair.

Keep following our blog and we'll make sure that you are 100% prepared for the Career Fair & Internship Fair.

New this year is Student Hosts! If selected, you will be assigned two company recruiters to help through the day during the Career & Internship Fair! This is a great opportunity to network and talk to your potential boss. Applications will be available soon! So stay tuned!

In the meantime please come see us! Questions or comments are ALWAYS welcome!